Pioneer is hiring a Transportation Compliance Administrator

Function & Scope:


              The Transportation Compliance Administrator is responsible for assisting in the development and maintenance of Pioneer’s Fleet Safety program as well as Transportation Compliance for the safe operation of our fleet of vehicles and equipment.




  • Develop and maintain administrative files pertaining to:


  • Daily equipment logs
  • Hoisting logs
  • Driver logs. (Hours of service)
  • Coaching and training of drivers
  • Speeding reports
  • Carrier Profile
  • Assist with Review and maintenance of Drivers files
  • Monthly/ Quarterly and annual HOS log audit summaries
  • Obtain and monitor Drivers Abstracts
  • Monitor Driver related certifications
  • Maintenance work order entry and filing.


  • Preparing internal documentation.
  • Preparing external documentation.
  • Remain aware and communicate new/emerging technology and resources to research the optimum methodology to adapt technology to our particular needs.
  • Liaise with Safety Manager in the disciplining of drivers as may be required.
  • Remain current in terms of Legislative and Regulatory conformity.
  • Administer Safety Bulletins to ensure all company employees are aware and responsibly knowledgeable in company changes and effects.
  • Liaise with Non-Government Organizations, (AMTA, PCAC, AASP etc.), within the confines of our common interests- when required.



Previous experience in the transportation industry is required for this position.


This is a full time position Monday through Friday 8:00 am- 4:30 pm.