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“Treat people right. If you stick to that, you’ll do okay.” - Dale Dubinsky, Co-Founder

No matter the contract size, you can rely on our service being consistent in quality, safety, and expertise. We are Pioneer Truck Lines


Our Company History

  1. Two Brothers Making Their Mark

    Pioneer was started in 1987 by Dale and Miles Dubinsky with a single truck. The two brothers shared the wheel until they had enough to buy a second truck. In the first year of operations, the Company won a contract to haul 30km of 16-inch pipe, a job requiring 30 trucks. Pioneer was able to assemble the resources needed, and complete the job on-time, on-budget, and accident-free. The client remains a customer of the Company to this day.

  2. The Corridor Pipeline Project

    Pioneer successfully executed on a major project hauling and stringing pipe for the Corridor Pipeline in Alberta for Midwest Pipelines. The Corridor pipeline system transports bitumen from the Athabasca Oil Sands Project (AOSP) near Fort McMurray, Alberta to the oil processing and marketing hub near Edmonton, Alberta, and comprises 1,000 kilometres of pipeline.

  3. TransCanada Keystone XL

    Pioneer was awarded the scope of work to haul 550km of pipe for the TransCanada Keystone XL project from Camrose, AB, to the US border, a project which was completed on time and on budget without incident. The success of this initial contract resulted in Pioneer servicing the contractor on the project over the course of the next decade. Pioneer also provided service directly to TransCanada over the course of the project.

  4. Camrose, AB Storage Facility

    Pioneer purchased and developed on 37 acres of land in Camrose, Alberta and built a 35,000 square foot warehouse to house their expanding fleet of tractors and trailers.

  5. Expanding Pioneer Truck Lines

    in 2018 Pioneer expanded into the United States, establishing Pioneer Truck Lines USA, and opening up their head office in Houston, Texas. In 2018, Pioneer Truck Lines USA was awarded their first pipeline stringing job in the US. In addition, Pioneer recognized an opportunity to expand the business through acquisition, allowing them to leverage their expertise and advantages in complementary markets. In 2018, the Company acquired Headwater Transportation, an oilfield hauling business, as well as Fox's Transport, a cross-border freight business.

  6. Pioneer Truck Lines Today

    Today, the Pioneer Group has established a reputation as a provider of choice for specialized transportation in Western Canada and in the U.S. Our core pipeline hauling expertise is complemented by a diverse range of additional service offerings that provide increasing economies of scale and compelling growth opportunities.


North America's Leader in Pipeline Logistics and Transportation Service

We specialize in providing transportation services required for pipeline construction throughout North America. These include offloading rail cars, loading, hauling, stockpiling, and stringing pipe of any size and length. Our fleet of lowbeds and Super B’s can also provide the services required for moving heavy equipment, swamp/rig mats, and other materials to and from site. Our 30 acre head office and yard is located in Edmonton, Alberta.


Pioneer Truck Lines spearheaded the logistical backbone of the Transmountain Expansion Project, expertly transporting vital pipeline segments across rugged terrains and vast distances. With a proven track record of reliability and efficiency, Pioneer ensures seamless delivery, facilitating the expansion's progress while upholding the highest safety standards. As a trusted partner in this monumental endeavor, Pioneer Truck Lines played a pivotal role in shaping the future of energy infrastructure.


Meet The Team

Dale Dubinsky
Co-Owner & President

The Co-founder of one of Western Canada’s most successful transportation companies has come a long way since his small-town beginnings in Oxbow, Saskatchewan; he doesn’t let all that go to his head though. What is Dale’s source of pride? The employee and client relationships he’s built on mutual respect. Known for balancing big-picture planning with present-day needs, with his leadership skills Dale ensures his team has the right tools to complete their jobs safely, efficiently and effectively. “Being a pioneer means looking forward, doing better, going further”, it’s no surprise he thrives on the challenge of hiking, cycling and running in the great outdoors.

Miles Dubinsky

Inspired by the tire tracks of his father, Miles co-founded Pioneer in 1987 with his brother Dale. As a family man, he has a great appreciation for the company’s strong client ties; most have been there since its humble start. Miles’ easygoing, straightforward attitude and technical knowhow make him a natural mentor and leader for the Pioneer team. He wears the same hat at home too, cheering on his son’s hockey team and his figure skating daughter. Success in Miles’ eyes means, “being the greatest dad I can be” while setting a real-life example of what can be achieved through perseverance and commitment.
Eric Belsher - Operations Manager

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Wade Schnell - QHSE Director

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Andrew Vigneault - Lead Dispatch

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Irdin Vehabovic - Project Controller

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